Worries about the Worried Citizen

Filiz’ Column


I’m worried about the worried citizen. I can’t sleep at night when I think about how he sits, freezing, in front of a mountain of rolled cigarettes, unsure about what the future will bring. Will there still be meatloaf at the meat counter or will Sami steal the salami from his sandwich?!

The worried citizen is afraid. He is worried about Easter, Christmas and Carnival. Which politicians will intervene when he is no longer allowed to shout ”Kölle Alaaf!,“ but only ”Kölle Allah!“? (”Kölle Alaaf“ is shouted during Cologne’s carnival season). And which politicians will protect the innocent Carnival reveller when instead of caramel, camels are flying around?!

Troubled citizen, I’m with you. I’m with you when our streets are obscured with lovely apple tobacco, when sweet sugar bombs explode in our mouths and pomegranate juice stands destroy our cityscape. Is that what makes you worried, troubled citizen? Or is it the experience that you had with guests, who no longer want to go?!

Guests that are now the doctors, bus drivers, nursing home nurses, and politicians of this country.
Guests who make you your pork sandwich, put on your diapers and teach your children the ABC’s.
Guests who pay taxes and have made this country economically what it is today …

… a rich land that is capable of taking on more guests.

Guests that will be citizens tomorrow and secure the future for you, worried citizen, the future that you’re so worried about.

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