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The first German-Turkish magazine.

young, colourful and creative

renk., that’s Turkish for »colour« in English.

renk.  is a magazine that explores German-Turkish »exceptional relationships«. With this platform, the new and emerging German-Turkish interconnectedness will be shown and actively shaped.

We see this expression not only as part of our visual framework, but also we want to show Germany in all of its different colour variations. Since the beginning of 2013, the magazine has been presenting individuals and projects dealing with design and culture. renk. uses the aspect of creativity in order to convey identity and culture.

How can one convey identity through creativity?

As the first German-Turkish culture magazine, renk. combines a highly creative aspiration with a mandate of advocacy beyond current integration policy. We show that exceptions are the rule and we want to break away from the cliché of the »token Turk«.

This cliché always creates a exceptional status, which can only depict a generic minority which is not suitable as a role model for the majority of German-Turkish youth. At renk., individuals and subjects beyond the existing clichés, and close to the target audience, should be the focus. We see the platform as a place where individuality and bravery meet, and show the unexpected. A life that consists of more than just headscarves and Aldi bags.

Project Progression :
renk. was founded in February 2013 by graphic designer Melisa Karakus.

With the participation of further members, an editorial team was founded at the beginning of March 2013. In addition to their own films, interviews and photo reports, the team also edited and published the submissions of renk. readers.

One month after project had begun, the press became aware of it thanks to the renk. Facebook page. Amongst others, we were interviewed by: (Süddeutsche Zeitung), Migazin, Design Made in Germany, Hürriyet (the largest Turkish daily newspaper), Funkhaus Europa and the Ruhrnachrichten. –> see the press review

In June, 2013 we were surprised to be awarded the title of »Kultur- und Kreativpilot Deutschland 2013« (engl. Germany’s Culture and Creative Pilot 2013 – ed.), part of the federal government’s initiative for creative industries, based solely on the concept and vision, as the website first went online in July, 2013.

In March, 2014, we were invited to a round table entitled »Unterwegs zum Miteinander« (engl. »On the go with one another – ed.«) at Café Kotti with German President Joachim Gauck, followed by a trip to Schloss Bellevue.

At the beginning of October 2014, we took part in the Germany-wide Google-campaign »Deutschland25«. The project shows what is driving young Germans 25 years after the Fall of the Wall and how one can break down barriers within German society and find one’s own path. Because of its participation, renk. was advertised in, amongst others, Tagesspiegel, Spiegel, Stern, on the YouTube home page,  Spiegel Online, and W&V, etc.

In November 2014, we were awarded a scholarship for social start-ups from the Social Impact Lab.

In June, the German blogging community Blogfabrik found out about renk. magazine and since then, we have been working in their facilities. The 555 square-metre think-tank brings office, campus and living room together into one. Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers, photographers and further so-called »content creators« work together there, inspire each other, exchange ideas and network with one another. The digital experts enjoy access to a photo studio, video editing work places and benefit from extensive consultancy services, amongst other things.

We are curious to see where it goes from here! The motto remains: Get to it! There is a lot to do and a lot to experience!

Awards & other nice things:

★ Kultur- und Kreativpilot 2013
★ Social Impact Lab – SAP Stipendium
★ Invitation to Germanys Federal Presidents Joachim Gauck
★ Blogfabrik – Content Creators
★ KAUSA Medienpreis 2015
★ Invitation to Facebook Brüssel
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