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The term B-Seite (engl.: B-side – ed.) comes from the time when singles were only printed on vinyl. There were always extra songs on the records – bonus tracks that were always seen as something special. And because it thematically fits like a jack into a socket, we have created a new section on soundcloud.

the renk. B-Seite

In the future, we are going to release mix-tapes with different themes. We are also going to invite all of the DJs, musicians, and music aficionados to send in their own personal renk. mix-tapes. We want to give you the opportunity to bring your mix-tapes to the people – as long as we like them, that is ;). If you’re interested or have questions, just give us a shout.

This time, we’re starting with Klang-Kaleidoscop’s founder Kamil Ertürk’s mix-tape.

In addition to his affinity for music, right now he’s working under the name of Kalem Kollektiv in the calligraphy field.

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Track List

Track 1: 
Karacaoglan by Cem Karaca

Track 2: 
Özdemir Erdoğan – Vitrin (Dogu Civicik Edit)

Track 3:
Özdemir Erdoğan – Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım (kozmonot rework)

Track 4: 
FUAT ft YENER – Night Day

Track 5: 
Derdiyoklar – Yaz Gazeteci (Baris K Edit)

Track 6: 
Mehmet Emmi 1976 – Edip Akbayram

Track 7:
acı nedir bilmeden edit

Track 8: 
Elif Çağlar – Gurbet

Track 9: 
Özdemir Erdogan – Aç Kapiyi Gir Içeri (1974)

Track 10: 
Çek Bir Firt

Track 11:
olmaz edit

Track 12: 
Durduramayacaklar (Halkın Coşkun Akan Selini)

Track 13: 
Marc Aryan – Kalbin Yok Mu?

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