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Food & Drink

Tasty Kumpir!

The Kumpir Recipe


  • a couple medium or large potatoes
  • grated cheese (Turkish kaşar or German Emmentaler)
  • butter
  • chopped up vegetables (blanched beforehand, if possible)
  • Turkish sucuk or other sausages
  • gherkins, corn
  • sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, etc.)


Bake the potatoes in the oven for approximately 30-60 minutes at 200-250° C (400-500° F). Pierce them with a fork to test whether they are done — their skin should be nice and crispy. Then remove the potatoes from the oven, put them on a plate, and gently open them up lengthwise in the middle, but do not cut them open all the way. Use a fork to soften up the inside of the potatoes, toss in a slice of butter and some grated cheese, and then mix it all up. Last but not least, put on whatever toppings and condiments your taste buds desire.

Our friends over at KochdichTü helped us spruce up our freestyle baked potato video with this simple, yet delicious recipe. Feel free to visit them on their website, where you can find more Turkish recipes and background information on Kumpir.

Enjoy your meal / Afiyet olsun and have fun cooking!

Recipe: KochDichTürkisch
Video: Ömer Mutlu

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