We Don’t Fit Your Stereotype -And We’re Not Going To

Our Statement Against Hate and Polarisation


Above all else, renk. is a magazine and platform for art and culture within the German-Turkish context. It is directed towards anyone and everyone who moves between or is interested in German and Turkish culture. However unfortunate, the growing political polarisation in Turkey of recent years has not only had an effect on those in Germany with a Turkish background or a connection to Turkey or German and international media, but on our work as well.

Just like the political spectrum in Turkey, those in Germany with roots in Turkey also hold very diverse viewpoints. It is quite literally impossible to please all of our loyal readers. Yet time and again we see comments such as, “renk. posted about this or that Turkish holiday and is committed to glorifying Atatürk!”, or, “I’m not going to read renk. anymore because you wrote about a restaurant that supports so and so political party.” However, the accusation that we support or are part of a specific party or political group is simply unfounded.

So, Here’s the Spiel

renk. identifies itself with democratic and peaceful values, is politically independent and does not have any affiliations to any party or movement. Neither in Germany, nor in Turkey. Through our predominantly volunteer-based work, we have always stood for tolerance and pluralism.

Of course, that does not mean that current political topics will or will not be touched on; our authors have opinions and we make that quite apparent. First and foremost, we are located in Germany, even if most of the members of the editing team have a strong connection to Turkey. Events that affect the Turkish diaspora also affect us, which is why we write about them.

Our team is made up of people with very diverse backgrounds. Not all of our authors hold the same views, just as in other media outlets. At the end of the day, that is what makes a democratic society what it is. While one of us cannot write without getting political, another one of us could not be less interested in Turkish politics. While one of us enjoys writing about Turkish-Islamic traditions and customs, others are out enjoying everything Berlin, Istanbul and Cologne’s wild nightlife has to offer. Yet we all sit down at the same table when it’s time for our next meeting. That is what makes renk., renk. It’s in our name, renk. means “colour”.

Therefore, we continue to retain the right to delete or report insulting, hateful or nationalistic comments on our social media channels or in private messages.

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