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Şeyda explains what Ramadan’s got to offer

Şeyda erklärt, was der Ramadan kann.

“What? You’re not even allowed to have a sip of water? – Many people fasting will probably hear this question during Ramadan. Yes, it’s true! For four weeks, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything from sunrise until sunset – not even a sip of water. But why?

The Islamic calendar ticks a little differently. According to it, we are living in the year 1437. Ramadan, the holiest of the eleven months, begins on the 6th of June this year. During these weeks, one doesn’t simply deprive oneself of food. More importantly, the time during which believers discipline, check and restrict themselves begins.

Fasting is supposed to show all Muslims how important all of Allah’s gifts are.

During Ramadan, Muslims deprive themselves of all festivities and sex. They reconcile with their friends and relatives, are supposed to practice patience and must not let themselves be provoked. Helpfulness and care (fitre) are further tenets that Muslims have to master. The month of fasting is a month in which Muslims take a step back, pray and bear in mind that one should thank Allah for all of life. The four-week-long fast ends with Eid al-Fitr (Ramazan Bayramı).


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