Here comes Fashion Ali from Neukölln!


Fashion Ali is 83 years old, a father of 18 and a tailor from the Neukölln district of Berlin. He knows how to dress. The broken down sidewalks in Neukölln are his catwalks and every time he walks down the street he looks damn cool, damn good and damn chic!

He was discovered by the Australian photographer Zoe Spawton during his daily walks to work at a tailor’s shop. She works in a café in Neukölln and marveled at the well-dressed Ali every day. At some point she asked him for a picture, which soon became a ritual for the unlikely pair. Ali’s fashion blog was the result. You can follow the blog on Zoe Spawton’s tumblr account.



What do you think of Fashion Ali’s style?

Photos: Zoe Spawton


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