The Best Döners in Berlin


Yeah, we like to break down stereotypes! And yes, in this post, we’re talking about the best döner places in Berlin. You’re probably asking yourselves, how is that breaking down stereotypes – Turks and döner, it’s the oldest and possibly the first cliché ever! The döner is a paradox par excellance.

In Turkey, one often eats the döner kebab on a plate. In 1972, a Turkish guest worker observed the Germans and he noticed that the people here eat on the go to save time. (This should be comforting to everyone: Even in 1972 without social media, people were so stressed they didn’t have any time to eat). Anyway, back to the point: the invention of the döner, that is, in bread, was born. A Berliner idea, through and through.

It’s still unclear who had the idea first.

In Germany, around 1.15 million döner are sold. In the meantime, there are now around 16,000 döner stands, each preparing döner for their guests. Just in Berlin there are over 1,000. That’s why we starting with a döner stand map from the capital, in case anyone is wondering: “Oh man, why is it always Berlin?”
There is also another reason for our article: the hype about Mustafas Gemüsekebap in Kreuzberg!
Who stands in line for hours in Mehringdamm just to get a döner. No, it’s not the best döner in Berlin! We can prove it and will show you Mustafa’s secret, hipper offshoot.

So, we’re starting with out personal top list and small döner map that we created for you.

A – SARAY DÖNER (Wedding)

What makes them special: They reop ened in the beginning of November 2015 with a new design
The price: Döner 3,90 €

Saray Döner
Monday – Sunday from 11 am – 11 pm
Müllerstr. 41, Ecke Seestr., 13353 Berlin

B – HAKIKI FOOD (Gesundbrunnen, Wedding)

What makes them special: You can stand and eat, tasty downloads on the home page and a wicked döner rap
The price: Döner 3,50 €, with a döner plate a drink costs 0,50 €

Hakiki Food (Gesundbrunnen)
Monday – Sunday from 9 am – 4 am

Tromsöer Str. 3, 13359 Berlin

Hakiki Food (Mitte)
Monday – Sunday from 10 am – 2 am

Müllerstr. 24, 13353 Berlin
Schönhauser Allee 79–80, 10439 Berlin

C – PAMFILYA (Wedding)


What makes them special: Rustic design and a charcoal grill
The price: Döner 3,50 €, Menü menu (ex. döner plate with rice including drink) 9,00 €

Luxemburger Str. 1, 13353 Berlin

Monday – Sunday from 9 am– 11:30 pm

D – K’UPS GEMÜSE KEBAP (Prenzlauer Berg)

What makes them special: Offtshoot of “Mustafa’s Gemüse Döner,” alternative design
The price: Döner 3,50 €, vegetarian alternatives up to 3,50 €

K’UPS Gemüse Kebap
Monday – Sunday from 10:30 am – 1 am
Kastanienallee 102–103, 10435 Berlin

E – DÖNER DACH (Friedrichshain)


What makes them special: only chicken, vegetarian selection, a little bit of cheese and small potato cuts are complimentary
The price: Vegetable Döner 3,50 €, vegetarian Döner 3,00 €

Döner Dach
Monday – Sunday from 10 am – midnight
Simon-Dach-Str. 11, 10245 Berlin

F – HASIR (Kreuzberg, Mitte, Wilmersdorf, Spandau, Schöneberg)


What makes them special: Tea on the house (Secret tip: go to the restaurant in Kreuzberg with friends and with business friends to the on on Nürnberger Str.) 
The price: Döner starting 3,50 €, Döner plate 11,50 €

Monday – Sunday from 11 am – midnight
Adalbertstr. 10, 10999 Berlin

G – DÖNER 44 (Neukölln, Kreuzberg)

What makes them special: only take-away, vegetarian alternatives, self-serve ayran from the tap
The price: Döner 3,50 €

Döner 44 (Neukölln)
Monday – Saturday from 11 am– midnight
Sunday from noon – midnight
Karl-Marx-Str. 119, 12043 Berlin

Döner 44 (Kreuzberg)
Kottbusser Damm 1, 10967 Berlin

H – HISAR FRESH FOOD (Schöneberg)


What makes them special: various types of meat, vegetarian alternatives
The price: Döner starting at 3,00 €, Döner with Ayran 4,00 €

Hisar Fresh Food
Monday – Sunday from 10 am – midnight
Hisar Fresh Food »Berliner Original« seit 1986
Yorckstraße 49, 10965 Berlin 

I – ASPENDOS (Schöneberg)

What makes them special: Bread from a stone oven, homemade ayran
The price: Döner Kebab 3,30 €

Monday – Sunday from 8 am – midnight
Hauptstr. 11, 10827 Berlin

J – RÜYA GEMÜSE KEBAB (Schöneberg)

What makes them special: free welcome tea
The price: Döner starting at 3,00 €, vegetarian starting at 2,90 €

Rüya Gemüse Kebap
Monday – Saturday from 11 am – midnight, closed Sundays
Hauptstr. 133, 10827 Berlin

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