B-Seite – Kalakuta Soul Selection


“Kalkuta Soul Records” is the name of the music geeks from Bochum who deejay as Dj Kollektiv, playing unusual sounds from all over the world. One of them is Guy Dermosessian, who sent a fresh mix our way. Not only is he a dedicated renk. reader, he’s at least just as much of a fan of Turkish records, which have a place in his collection, together with further Middle-Eastern, South American and African beats.

You can feel the Turkish funk, folk and psychedelic run through your bones in his mix KALKUTTA SOUL SELECTION#1, we fully recommend it. All mixed together, it sounds like this:


The Idea Behind It

The term B-Seite (engl.: B-side – ed.) comes from the time when singles were only printed on vinyl. There were always extra songs on the records – bonus tracks that were always seen as something special. And because it thematically fits like a jack into a socket, we have created a new section on soundcloud.

Listen to the first B-Seite here >> click!

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