Aunt Hatice or the Art of Making Decisions


“There is no right or wrong decision, kızım”. My aunt Hatice, sitting next to me at the table, sounds convincing. While I put a juicy piece of baklava in my mouth, I find my decision quite right and, perhaps much more importantly: quite delicious. An hour later in my deep post-lunch sugar crash I look at things a little differently.

Make a decision and face the consequences. We have a choice, at least some of the time.

As everyone knows, decisions can be difficult and often weigh on your mind more heavily than that piece of baklava weighs on my stomach. The headline of a great week is a tough decision – it is almost an art.

And I am determined to see it that way. As I torture myself in my indecision, I create. I walk at the intersection of art and aesthetics, and come across individual photographs, which are not related to each other at first. It is only my gaze that connects the images together. And as I push through my sugar coma, I decide to create a context for them.

I realise that you can find inspiration in sweet indecision. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend that you stuff yourself with baklava and catapult yourself into a sugar coma. Without any fear of passing out!

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