One Voice, One Track

Kaan Bulak's New Song "Moving Leaves"


The electronic musician Kaan Bulak takes you through the cold beginning of the year with the touching sound of his voice, showing us every possible variation. His new track “Moving Leaves” is created solely by his voice.

Kaan was born in Istanbul, went to school in Stuttgart and moved to Berlin to study sound engineering. Right now he studies Sound Studies in the master programme at the University of Arts. The musician and songwriter starts the year with the first release from the upcoming debut album “Pure”. Kaan enjoys limiting himself to just one sound source, as on his track “1840” which emanates from a single violin. The matching video to “Moving Leaves”, which was produced in collaboration with video artist Trig Fardust, shows many details and complexity, and completes the artist’s concept.

Last summer, the young artist spoke with renk. in an interview about what electronic and classic music means to him and how an idea develops in his head and in the end becomes a piece of music.


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