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Video artist Nevin Aladağ


Nevin Aladağ, born in Van in the East of Turkey, grew up in Germany and studied with Olaf Metzel in Munich at the Academy of Fine Arts. Today she lives in Berlin and is successfully represented by her art throughout Europe. Her main focuses are installations, video, sound and performance. For the latter, she is mostly engaged with actresses and actors. Content-wise, Nevin confronts identity, internal and external perception, amongst other topics, and in doing so questions clichés and prejudices.

An entertaining example of it is the documentary video work “Family Tezcan,” which portrays a Turkish family without commentary, in which the parents teach breakdance and the children dance with them.

A more recent video work is “Top View,” in which one sees only alternating pairs of legs of various individuals and dancing a different way on the street.  Through the way of movement and clothing, one is curiously able to characteristically distinguish the people from one another.

“… there are many roles one plays:
gender roles or roles in society.”
– Nevin Aladağ

In 2008, Nevin won a contest within the scope of the construction project for the Robert Koch Institute in Beriln, which was realised in 2014/15.  She created the wall installation “Leaning Wall,” which reminds one of a climbing wall because it is made up of differently coloured shapes as well as negatives of body parts (ex. chin, knee, foot). “Leaning Wall” places humans in centre stage, with its relentless need for movement and upward pursuit.

These works are just a small insight into Nevin Aladağ’s diverse works. One has the feeling that she is trying to reach as many people as possible in as many ways as possible. So, a part of her message always arrives somewhere.

Images: Wentrup gallery
Source Quote: Monopol Magazin

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