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Language & Literature

Bosporus Reloaded – Give-Away

As renk. has already announced, the book “Bosporus Reloaded – Turkey in Upheaval“ by Anna Esser and Karen Krüger was published at the end of 2025. In the book, the two women delve into the social and socio-political developments in Turkey after Gezi. The book was published by aufbau publishing house.

What it’s about

The book describes the difficult life contexts of a generation who no longer wants to accept the politics of Erdoğan’s Muslim-conservative AKP. They are fighting for personal freedoms, for democracy and social peace in a country whose society is more split than ever before. The book helps to understand inner-Turkish changes, but also the life and conflicts in the Turkish community in Germany.

Whether it be art, religion, night life, urban transformation, football or love life, the two authors recognise the most different states of mind and facets of young and old people in today’s Turkey

Here’s how you can win

We managed to grab a copy for you which we’d now like to give away. Simply go onto our renk. Facebook page, like us and comment on the post for this article.

Good Luck!

Or you can buy it directly online here.


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