XJAZZ – Taner Akyol Trio feat. Kaan Bulak



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XJAZZ Festival takes place in Istanbul, Ankara and Berlin. We recommend a show by Taner Akyol feat. Kaan Bulak with Baglama-based songs and electronics in which East and West meets.

Taner Akyol is an artist of classical and Anatolian folk music bio who figured out playing the baglama when he was 14. Found himself in the capital of music, Berlin, when he was barely 20 years old. Worked together with world renowned tutors. Awarded with few of the most respected prizes in Germany. Embraced the avangarde sounds of Western Europe, without ceasing ties with his cultural roots. Formed his trio in 2003, with Antonis Anissegos and Sebastian Flaig.

Kaan Bulak is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist between cultures and genres originating from Istanbul, living in Berlin. In his music polyrhythmic beats are merged with atmospheric chords, virtuoso passages played with an oriental touch, and it is more important to emphasise a crescendo than to play loudly. Recently he played concerts around Europe with Sofar Sounds, produced an electronic record with Jay Haze on Contexterrior Records, and composed the soundtrack for We Were Rebels. His live concerts represent a mixture of a concert hall and an electronic club, which take a new shape with every new improvisation.

Find out more about XJAZZ Festival in Berlin, Ankara and Istanbul here.

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