Whoriental Festival

präsentiert vom QueerBerg Collective


Am 16. und 17. September präsentieren das Queerberg Collective und AL Berlin ein Event von und für queere BIPoCs:

To all the precious wh**res and f∆gs, the Black and Brown h**kers, the d√kes, the freaks, the queer, trans & gender bender royals out there thirsty for space and appreciation:
Queerberg got you covered! WHORIENTAL goes into the second round! And this year we will celebrate it two days:
15th September at Grüner Salon (Volksbühne)
16th September at Säälchen Club
Together, we will once again indulge in Black and Brown and s*xw*rker owned dance, music and performances.

Ever since white popculture has stolen from Queer and Trans, Black and Brown and s3x workers’ work, fashion and knowledge.
We are here to take it back and pay some respect to the communities many of us have come from, many of us have found that love and joy and support we needed to survive in this damned world. Let your favorite queer and trans BIPOC refugee collective welcome you at the Säälchen with fantastic DJ’s and talented musicians who will carry some sounds from home into this Berlin diaspora!
Yes, we also have to talk. Yes, we will speak up as always. Get ready for a panel on FIRE hosted by the sharpest @bundaskanzlerin & guests.

Queerberg Will. Not. Let. You. Leave. Without. A. Sick. Show. We want you to dance on heels or in your gay sneakers until dawn, tamam? Therefore we serve you an exquisite DJ line-up. Stage will open at Midnight for some extraordinarily hot and special shows.

Tickets und weitere Infos hier!