Emek is ours – Istanbul is ours

Zum Jahrestag von Gezi


Our friends and colleauges from taz.gazete hold an event commemorating Gezi on its fourth anniversary.

Four years on, with the Gezi protest in Istanbul, the world was looking at Turkey. That’s history already, things went into a completely different direction.

In the two documentaries „Audience emancipated – The Struggle for the Emek Movie Theater“ and „#direnayol“ the political imagination of the Gezi Resistance, become apparent.

„Audience emancipated“, directed by the Emek Bizim Istanbul collective, shows the dream and practice of different classes to come together against the urban plunder.

And „#direnayol“ tells the story of the queer and transgender block during Gezi Park Uprising becoming the heart of a new political and affective alliance of resistance.

taz.gazete invites you to take a trip back to thoose days of protest and hope for a better future in Turkey. After the screening the directors are attending a short panel:

Fırat Yücel, „Emek is ours – Istanbul is ours initiative“ and producer of Audience emancipated – The Struggle for the Emek Movie Theater

Rüzgâr Buşki, director of „#direnayol“

Moderation: Ali Çelikkan, taz.gazete

Screening and Discussion in English.

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Text: taz.gazete