DICE Conference + Festival

Turkey in Focus

1.-3. November 2018
Various Venues in Berlin-Neukölln
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DICE is a conference and festival including workshops, panels, lectures and live performances featuring female, trans, and non-binary artists and speakers. This year’s edition will take place at various venues in the historical Rixdorf village in Berlin-Neukölln. The two main venues are arkaoda Berlin, sister venue to the legendary Istanbul club, and the Böhmischer Kirchensaal, a Moravian church built in the early 1700s, and reconstructed in modernist style after World War II. DICE uses the setting of this former bohemian refuge as a source of reflection and stimulus, at the intersections of ancient and modern, sacred and secular, local and international contexts.

Performances: Lena Platonos / FAKA / Moor Mother(DJ) / Born In Flamez / PLANNINGTOROCK / Kiki Hitomi / Ms. Boogie / LYZZA / Sonora Mulata / Surma / Kim Ki O / Ah Mer Ah Su / SUUTOO/ Strip Down / R.A.N / Kampire – DJ and more

Talks, Panels and Workshops: Scheidersladen / Musicians Without Borders / Sonic Cyberfeminisms / Reclaim The Beats / New World Dysorder / Hoe__mies / Tina Lee / Christine Kakaire / Jane Arnison / Dr. Marie Thompson / Frances Morgan / Centre for Intersectional Justice / Room 4 Resistance / Pansy Presents / a.r.r.m Jordan and more TBA

Panel: Turkey in Focus – Music as a Form of Resistance

2 November 2018, 2:00-3:00 pm
Böhmischer Kirchensaal Rixdorf, Kirchgasse 14, 12043 Berlin
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The program features a panel on music as a form of resistance in times of oppression in Turkey which also connects people through rhythm and lyrics. In this panel together with guests from Turkey who are active in the queer music scene, the unique potential of music to encourage social transformation and how it has been leveraged as a form of queer resistance in these times of oppression in Turkey will be discussed.

With Berna Göl and Ekin Sanaç (Kim Ki O), Işıl Kılkış (Deluks), Melis Nots (Queerwaves), moderated by Merve Namlı.

Performances: Lena Platonos, Kim Ki O, Surma, Suutoo and Kampire

DICE invites to a night of performances celebrating female, trans, and non-binary mega talents in the electronic music industry! Among others, Istanbul based Kim Ki O started making music as the bass and synthesizer duo in the summer of 2006. Kim Ki O’s sound is based on playing every instrument live. They structure their songs with hazy vocals, usually sung in Turkish on top of the monotonous beats out of a hip-hop style drum machine.

2 November 2018, starting at 8 pm
arkaoda, Karl-Marx Platz 16, 12043 Berlin
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With the generous support of Musicboard Berlin, Musikfonds, Initiative Musik, and Bezirksamt Neukölln.