Karaokee<3break, a collective expression of love! The voice, an instrument of affection and creative expression, of outburst against sorrow. Karaoke is more than just singing a song; it’s therapy for the soul, a path to healing and to coping. The stage becomes a place of transformation where we can express and process our emotions through song. For this edition we will be accompanied by the following pop stars: The »architect of eternal suffering«, OLYMPIA BUKKAKIS, and the »world’s leading green, autistic drag queen« OOZING GLOOP. Together they guide the audience through the evening and serve as hosts and support between the songs chosen by the guests. This is the place where everyone is in the spotlight and can sing their favorite love or rage songs. Let’s sing and dance together. Welcome to Karaokee<3break in the Maxim Gorki Theatre!

Im Rahmen der Queer Week 2024

Foto: Olympia Bukkakis © Mayra Wallraff